About Us


  • To provide cost effective and optimum solutions in EIA and other allied fields.
  • To maximize customer admiration for our services and products.
  • To enhance knowledge and skills in order to maintain as front-runner in all positive aspects of business activities.


  • ARMATRICS Applications strive to achieve its vision through constant innovation of technological and systemic implementations and validating effective results for making positive impact on customer’s satisfaction.
  • ARMATRICS Applications realize tangible and ready solutions for objectively delpoying and using the solutions with smartness and ease.
  • ARMATRICS Applications emphasizes in its core values of the Team and Stakeholders, giving relentless efforts in bringing out the best from each.


Our goal as a technological service provider with a strong consulting team is to evaluate different technical options against our customer’s need and suggest the right mix for its business processes, improve its  quality and efficiency through successfully deploying advanced techniques, generating significant commercial value.

Our Values

  • Safety embedded engineering.
  • Green and energy saving technology.

Social benefits emerge in the bigger picture of whatever we deliver.